by Sig Vicious


A project by Siggeir M. Hafsteinsson


Siggeir M. Hafsteinsson is an Icelandic graphic designer, photographer and location scout who’s work is known for the visual translation and expression of the unearthly, moody Icelandic elements and vast grounds.

”My work is a mix of techniques fused to create abstract surrealism. With the use of photography and digital medium, Lavastract originates from the merging of elements, the symbiosis between textures, hues and abstract collisions of natural fragments found in the diverse Icelandic terrains”. 

The intention of the pieces shared is to showcase an Icelandic collection of visually rich, abstract organism's synthesis. A unique compilation of dramatic sceneries and ancestral elements meshed with digital futuristic extracts, all visual fragments of untold stories.

Lavastract’s setting is dramatic and paradoxical — the material is ancient but the plot futuristic.